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Cognos for Microsoft Office shows blank/grey/white login page



When connecting Cognos for Microsoft Office, the login page shows blank (either in grey or white). In this case, you’ll not be able to log on to the environment you’re trying to connect to. Ms Office cannot be closed, only by windows task manager.

Login with SSO seems to work but 'browse content and manage data tab' remains grey or white.


Unable to log in or browse content.


Office support for high definition displays.


MS Office 365 ; MS Office 2016; MS Office 2019 ; Multi-monitor setup

Resolving The Problem

To address these issues Microsoft has introduced a feature in Microsoft Office 2016 / 2019.

Enable "Optimize for compatibility" setting in Excel.


1. Launch Excel

2. Click "Options -> General"

3. Inside 'User Interface options - When using multiple displays" select "Optimize for compatibility"

4. Close MS Office

5. Re-launch MS Office and Cognos for Microsoft Office Add-In

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Modified date:
30 November 2018