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Getting IBM OpenJ9 Java and Setting it as the Default Java for use with IBM i ACS

How To


How to get the IBM OpenJ9 OpenJDK from www.adoptopenjdk and set is as the workstation's default Java so that IBM i Access Client Solutions will use that Java.


1. Go to the AdoptOpenJDK website to download the current IBM Open J9 JDK 11 using this URL:

And make sure that the options for Open JDK11 and Open J9 are selected as shown below.  For this example select the Windows x64 platform as shown below.


2.  IBM i Access Client Solutions only requires the JRE so select to download that as shown below.



3. Save the zip file to the workstation.


4. After saving the file, unzip it and it will contain a jre folder like shown here.


5.  Copy that jre folder to a common location on the workstation.  Here I am using C:\IBMOpenJ9


6. Now that this location contains the Java that we want to set as the default Java on the workstation, we will update the System Environment Variables so that JAVA_HOME points to this location of C:\IBMOpenJ9



7. When IBM i Access Client Solutions is launched, the JAVA_HOME environment variable will be investigated and if it is found to point to a valid location and that contains a compatible Java to use, it will be used by the IBM i Access Client Solutions launch, as shown by the IBM i ACS Help -> About.


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Modified date:
19 December 2018