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Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep) - Prepare data (z/VSE)

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There are three basic steps that need to be followed in order to prepare your z/VSE data.

  1. Gather diagnostic data.
  2. Compress data
    Field Description Sample
    TSxxxxxxxxx My Support case ID TS012345678
    yyy Short description of the file dump
    zzz File type bin
  3. Send data
    • Send data to IBM using the most appropriate method.
    • Your IBM SSR will inform you what directory to use.
    • You should use your workstation to transfer the data.

Delivery via a workstation

Use the following instructions to download your prepared data to your workstation using Terminal Emulation Send/Receive function from a command line. Then you can use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) so send the dump to the ECuRep FTP server.

NOTE: The instructions below do not include steps which may be necessary to pass through a firewall or proxy server.

Download the data from your VSE system to your workstation

Important: always use binary for the down or upload.

  1. Logon session a to VSE and enter native CICS or fastpath 386 (for administrator) = PC File Transfer.
  2. From the C:> prompt, enter: receive your_data_at_VSE your_data_at_the_workstation (binary)

Example for Personal Communication 3270 emulation

  1. On the PC in the Command mode issue: receive dump.dmp a:dumpname dump (file=lib l=sysdump s=f2 binary)
  2. This will download the file dumpname.dump from sublibrary SYSDUMP.F2 to your PC into the current PC directory.
  3. Now rename the dump according the file naming convention
  4. Send data to IBM using the most appropriate method.

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26 July 2021