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ClearCase Some MultiSite utilities and subcommands can hang on Solaris 11.4



ClearCase adds support for Solaris 11.4. Changes included in that OS can cause hangs in the shipping_server and mkorder utilities, and in the multitool syncreplica -export and lspacket subcommands.


The shipping_server and mkorder utilities and the syncreplica -export subcommand parse the shipping.conf file, which can be found in <clearcase-install-dir>/common/AdminDir/clearcase/config. Parsing of that file hangs on Solaris 11.4 for lines that have trailing whitespace before the newline.

The multitool lspacket subcommand examines all files in the shipping bays (defined in the shipping.conf) or in a user-specified directory to determine if they are replica update or replica creation packets, or shipping orders. This means it tries to parse all files it finds. On Solaris 11.4, it can hang if it tries to parse a non-MultiSite file whose lines contain trailing whitespace, carriage returns or some other control character. This situation can arise if you use mkorder -data to transport non-MultiSite files to other hosts. (There is no impact for MultiSite files.)

Resolving The Problem

For the shipping_server and mkorder utilities and the syncreplica -export subcommand:  If you upgrade a host to Solaris 11.4 and want to use shipping_server, mkorder, or syncreplica there, you must modify the shipping.conf file to remove trailing whitespace from all lines, even lines that are commented out. If you have previously customized the shipping.conf, you must remove trailing whitespace or control characters (carriage returns, tabs, and so on) from all lines.

For the multitool lspacket subcommand: There is no workaround, but you can define a separate sclass and shipping bays for non-MultiSite files, and avoid running lspacket against those bays. That is, use the lspacket <pname> form of the command, where the specified pathname contains only MultiSite files.

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15 November 2018