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QRadar: Ariel Right Click Properties Troubleshooting

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Troubleshooting Right Click Properties feature in QRadar 7.3.1.


This article outlines troubleshooting the Ariel Right Click Properties feature in QRadar 7.3.1.


This process explains how to create and verify a new property exists.
  1. Create a property in the DSM Editor. In this example, we create two new properties: Test_Field_1 and Test Field 2.
  2. Check that the property exists in the Database by using the following commands:
    psql -U qradar -c "\x" -c "select propertyname from Ariel_regex_property where propertyname like '%Test%';"  
    Example output:
    [ RECORD 1 ]+--------------
    propertyname | Test_Field_1
    [ RECORD 2 ]+--------------
    propertyname | Test Field 2
  3. Set up the configuration file. Modify /opt/qradar/conf/ by using the following example template:
    Note: It is case-sensitive and the same format defined in pluginActions must be consistent with the properties. 
    pluginActions=XFE_URL_Lookup,Test_Field_1,Test Field 2
    # begin XFE integration.   #(Integrated in QRadar by IBM)
    XFE_URL_Lookup.text=X-Force Exchange Lookup
    # end XFE integration
    Test_Field_1.arielProperty=Test_Field_1  #(My manually-defined property 1)
    Test_Field_1.text=Test Field 1 test
    Test Field 2.arielProperty=Test Field 2  #(My manually-defined property 2)
    Test Field 2.text=Test Field 2 test
    Test Field 2.url=$Test Field 2$
  4. Restart Tomcat by using the following command:
    systemctl restart tomcat
  5. From the QRadar GUI, navigate to Log Activity > New search and add the new custom fields (Test_Field_1 a Test Field 2) into Columns and click the Filter button. 
  6.  Filter the traffic needed by hovering over one of the newly defined columns, right-clicking, then selecting Plugin Options and your new property. The property is Test Field 2 test in this example.
You created a property, confirmed it exists in QRadar, and filters properly.

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27 May 2022