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About the known limitations with Windows Terminal Services and ClearCase

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This technote outlines the known issues that may arise when using Microsoft® Windows® Terminal Server (WTS) with IBM® Rational® ClearCase®.


2003.06.00 (MVFS supported) and later

  • A change in the ClearCase control panel to the MVFS settings will affect all users using the Terminal Server to access their Dynamic Views.
  • Users will see all VOBs mounted on the system, rather than just the VOBs mounted in their view.
  • Attempts to unmount a VOB results in the following error:

    >cleartool umount \vobtag
    Unmounting MVFS filesystem \vobtag.
    cleartool: Error: Unable to unmount: Resource device
  • Users will not be able to unmount any VOBs that are being accessed by other users.

2002.05.00 (no MVFS) and later

  • All ClearCase information in Microsoft Windows Terminal Server is global, thus making changes in the ClearCase control panel is global affecting the entire server. Any changes made to the license server, registry server, or regions will impact all users on that server rather than a single user. These types of changes can cause ClearCase to behave unexpectedly.

All of these results are expected behavior.

Review the related technotes below for more symptoms and known behavior problems with WTS and ClearCase.

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29 September 2018