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MustGather: Instructions for Sending Data to IBM Wave Support



To diagnose or identify a problem, it is sometimes necessary to provide IBM Wave Support with data and information from your system.  In addition, IBM Wave Support might also need to provide you with tools or utilities to be used in problem determination.


All IBM Wave environments

Diagnosing The Problem

This data is supplied to allow IBM Wave service to begin diagnosis of any reported problem.

Resolving The Problem

For problem determination to begin on your Service Request (also known as a Case), follow these methods to submit diagnostic information to IBM® Wave Support.

Before Sending Data to Wave Support
  • Sending data to IBM Wave Support electronically does not constitute opening a call record, so do not submit files until a case is opened with IBM Wave Support.
    Note: If you do not have an open case, you can create one now using  IBM Support Site and search for "IBM Wave for z/VM", or you can call the support center directly.  Refer to the IBM Directory of worldwide contacts for the telephone number to use for your country or region.
    Note: You cannot send debugging data to IBM in an email to, for example, the IBM support person you are working with.  This email could result in a violation of regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore must not be done.
What data to collect
1) If the failure occurred with a work unit, go to the work unit details on the GUI by
Select the 'BTS Work Units' tab
Double-click the failed Work Unit
In the Work unit Details dialog box, select the BTS Request that failed
Click the Log COR entry in the COR Entries section
Select all by 'CTL-A'
Copy to Clipboard with 'CTL-C'
Paste the information into the case.

If no work unit information is available, make sure to include the date and time when you submitted the request and/or the date and time on when you observed the failure or the request ended.

2) On the Wave server, run the following command:
This command creates a file called sendToIBM*.tar.gz in your /tmp directory.  This file is commonly known as FFDC data. 
Note: The tar.gz file contains all the WaveDebugLog.* files in the /var/log/WAVE directory. You can prune some of those logs to make the file generated smaller.
If you would like the file placed in another directory instead of /tmp, specify that directory as a parameter.

3) Data specific to SMAPI problems:
If possible, re-create the reported problem and supply the following documentation from the time the problem was re-created or originally occurred:
  • Collect and send the SMSTATUS output. Information on how to obtain SMSTATUS output is documented in "Capturing SMAPI Data for Problem Resolution" in z/VM 7.1.0 Systems Management Application Programming section of the IBM Knowledge Center

4) Data specific to DIRMAINT problems:
Use the DIRMaint GETCONSOLE command to capture the console log:
Returns a list of available console files.
5) Attach these files to the case.

Sending data to IBM Wave support by using email to
1. If the data you will be submitting is less than 20 MB, either before or after zipping the files, then you might be able to email the data to the email address.
2. When e-mailing files directly to ECuRep, include your case number in the Subject line.
For Instance:
optional_text TSnnnnnnnnn optional_text
TSnnnnnnnnn is the case number
optional_text is any other text
TS123456789 - requested traces
Case # TS123456789
Case # TS123456789 - odstat.txt and logs
Case TS123456789 - here are the case files
3. The attachments are uploaded to either ECuRep or Testcase, and an update is made to your case notifying IBM Wave Support that the files were uploaded.

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16 June 2020