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QRadar: Case closures when support asks to close a case

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My support representative asked to close a case, can it stay open?


After a ticket is resolved, you can close the case. To close a case:

  1. Navigate to the IBM® Support Portal at:
  2.  Click view my cases:
  3. Click the case
  4. Click the Close case button.

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If the issue is deemed to be resolved by the IBM® Support engineer, the Support team representative requests to close the case. The support representative closes the case either upon confirmation from the client, or if upon multiple requests, there is no client response.

Note: IBM® Support requires a new case for each separate issue, open a new case if the same issue addressed in this case and on the same system, did not reoccur. 

How to subscribe to APARs

  1. Go to
  2. In Product lookup, type QRadar, then enter.
  3. On products, you choose to receive APARs click subscribe.
    image 9113
  4. Select all document types.
  5. Click Submit.
You now receive updates and notifications for APARs that are created for the QRadar products selected.


My case was closed without my consent, why

 IBM® QRadar® support is required to contact you three times within a 10-day period to inquire whether the solution provided is working or to meet to work on your issue. If you do not respond to the inquiry request, QRadar support can close your case.  

How do I reopen my case

Clients can reopen the case within 30 days of its closure. To reopen a case,

  1. Go to the IBM Support Portal and log in,
  2. Click view my cases:
  3. From the drop-down menu under Cases, select Closed - Cases I own.
    image 9117
  4. Click the case and then Reopen case button.
The case is now reopened. 

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28 April 2021