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Updates to IMS Fast Path Solution Pack V1.3 Overview and Customization

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Updates that apply to IMS Fast Path Solution Pack V1.3 Overview and Customization (SC19-4009-04).


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Update 2

Date of change: August 2019

Change description: Documentation updates

Topics: Changes apply to multiple topics.


Topic: IMS Fast Path Solution Pack for z/OS overview > Tools in IMS Fast Path Solution Pack

This topic has been updated as follows:

IBM IMS Library Integrity Utilities for z/OS

image-20180723135249-2IBM IMS Library Integrity Utilities for z/OS (also referred to as IMS Library Integrity Utilities) provides a set of utilities designed to validate, compare, map, recover, report, and regenerate a number of IMS libraries needed for operations. Supported libraries include the ACB (application control block), DBD (database description), PSB (program specification block), MFS (Message Format Services) libraries, libraries containing DFSMDA members, IMS catalog, IMS directory, and RECON (recovery control) data sets. The utilities are used in conjunction with database maintenance tasks and migration operations, and to prevent accidental misuse in production.image-20180723135255-3

For more information, see the IMS Library Integrity Utilities User's Guide.

IMS Library Integrity Utilities also provides the DBD/PSB Map Viewer, which is an IMS Library Integrity Utilities extension for Tools Base Administration Console and Management Console. The DBD/PSB Map Viewer displays graphical visualization of a database structure map, program specifications, DBD and PSB macro source, and DBD and PSB XML document. You can also use the cross reference feature to list logical DBDs and PSBs that refer to a specific DBD. 


Topic: IMS Fast Path Solution Pack for z/OS overview > Benefits

This topic has been updated as follows:

By using IMS Fast Path Solution Pack, you can simplify and accelerate the database maintenance tasks for IMS Fast Path Data Entry Databases (DEDBs). You can also simplify database space monitoring and tuning tasks by using IBM® Tools Base for z/OS® with IMS Fast Path Solution Pack.

IMS Fast Path Solution Pack provides a complete set of tools that help IMS DBAs in every phase of database management. The tools are high performance, easy-to-use, and powerful, and include capabilities for database reorganization, data backup, health check, verification, tuning, monitoring, and optimization of DEDBs.

IMS Fast Path Solution Pack provides the following benefits:

  • IMS HP Fast Path Utilities can save time and money by reducing the CPU and elapsed time required for multiple DEDB areas reorganization tasks into a single job step for parallel operation.
  • IMS HP Fast Path Utilities further reduce time and resource requirements by enabling initialize, unload, reload, analyze, and backup tasks to run, and by eliminating I/Os for intermediate data sets. It also enhances the productivity of database administrators by making the reorganization processes simpler and easier, and by minimizing manual interventions.
  • IMS HP Fast Path Utilities provides capabilities to build Fast Path secondary indexes and synchronize Fast Path secondary indexes with their DEDB database when they are out of synchronization. These capabilities help simplify the management of Fast Path secondary indexes.
  • IMS HP Fast Path Utilities facilitates multiple iterations of the database tuning process, which allows you to select physical database attributes that meet your performance and space utilization requirements. This enables you to keep your database performing optimally and migrate your database quickly with small work load.
  • The Online Expert Reorganization utility that is provided by IMS Fast Path Online Tools of IMS HP Fast Path Utilities saves online system resource and eliminates unnecessary reorganizations by identifying only those databases that need to be reorganized based on user-defined thresholds.
  • The online and offline Pointer Checker utilities that are provided by IMS HP Fast Path Utilities ensure that your database pointers are error free. They help you detect and correct database errors quickly and repair them with minimum downtime to your IMS environment with Database Repair Facility.
  • The Online Space Management utility saves online system resources by evaluating the database with user-specified criteria, and running the reorganization and area extension job only when such an operation is effective for the database.
  • The supplementary utilities that are provided by IMS HP Fast Path Utilities help user applications easily maintain the DEDB areas.
  • IMS HP Image Copy reduces the unavailability time of databases by providing rapid image copy features, parallel processing, and minimized manual interventions. It also reduces operational and media costs by compressing and stacking the image copies.
  • image-20180723135249-2IMS Library Integrity Utilities enhances the productivity of DBAs by providing utilities that effectively manage IMS ACB, DBD, PSB, MFS libraries,  libraries containing DFSMDA members, IMS catalog, IMS directory, and RECON data sets in database maintenance tasks and migration operations. It also avoids application downtime by preventing database corruption that might occur from accidental misuse of IMS libraries in production.image-20180723135255-3
  • With the automated sensor data collection and exception detection that are provided by Autonomics Director and IMS Fast Path Solution Pack, you can save time and resources in monitoring and tuning IMS DEDBs.
  • With the graphical web interface that is provided by Administration Console or Management Console, you can analyze your IMS environment to rapidly identify database exceptions and tuning opportunities.
  • IMS Library Integrity Utilities provides a graphical view of IMS databases and program specifications through Administration Console and Management Console. Database structures, program specifications, and source code can be reviewed to simplify database administration tasks. The graphical interface can be used as an educational tool for new DBAs to learn about databases.

Topic: Scenarios: Managing IMS full-function databases and HALDBs > Manage IMS ACB/DBD/PSB/MFS libraries and RECON data sets

The title of this topic has been changed to "Manage IMS libraries".

Also, this topic has been updated as follows:

Database administration and change management are the core responsibilities of DBAs. If not managed correctly, they can monopolize data center resources, waste valuable time, and can result in the generation of unwanted errors.

In managing the database administration and change management process, DBAs are faced with many challenges like how do I:

  • Ensure that I complete all of the necessary steps when making a change?
  • Manage and track the changes to the definitions of my database objects?
  • Propagate changes to other database environments quickly?
  • Prevent accidental misuse in production?

image-20180723135249-2The answers to these questions are provided by IMS Library Integrity Utilities. This tool helps you by providing the features and functions that enable you to manage your ACB libraries, DBD libraries, PSB libraries, MFS libraries, libraries containing DFSMDA members, IMS catalog, IMS directory, and RECON data sets. These features and functions include:image-20180723135255-3

  • The IMS Advanced ACB Generator utility, which contains additional features and functions to help you manage your IMS ACB libraries more effectively and provides a high-speed generation process.
  • The Consistency Checker utility, which helps you ensure that the necessary definitions in your IMS subsystem have been created.
  • The Integrity Checker utility, which protects your databases from corruption caused by using the wrong IMS control blocks for access.
  • The Multiple Resource Checker utility, which helps you identify the resources that contain different definitions across multiple sets of RECON data sets or DBDLIBs, PSBLIBs, and ACBLIBs.
  • The Catalog Manager utility, which helps you ensure that the DBDs and PSBs in the IMS catalog are maintained correctly by validating the consistency of DBDs and PSBs in the ACB libraries with those in the IMS catalog.
  • image-20180723135249-2The MDA Reversal utility, which converts DFSMDA members back into DFSMDA macros and generates a report that contains a list of DFSMDA members.image-20180723135255-3

Update 1

Date of change: March 2017

Change description: Documentation update.

Topic : IMS Fast Path Solution Pack for z/OS overview > Installation requirements

Operational requirements


IMS Fast Path Solution Pack requires one of the following IMS versions:

  • ...
  • image-20180723135244-1IMS Database Value Unit Edition Version 14 Release 1 (5655-DSE)image-20180723135255-3
  • image-20180723135249-2IMS Version 15 Release 1 (5635-A06)image-20180723135257-4

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01 March 2017

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