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IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) new function APARs.

Preventive Service Planning Information

Before you install z/OSMF, be sure to review the current Preventive Service Planning (PSP) information. The PSP buckets maintain current lists (which have been identified since the package was created) of any recommended or required service for the installation of this package. This service includes software PSP information (ZMAZOS) that contains HIPER and required PTFs against the base release.

Fix Category Information

For a list of fix category (FIXCAT) values and descriptions, see the following web page: IBM Fix Category Values and Descriptions .

New Function APARs

Functional Brief V2R4 V2R3
APAR # Cor-Close Date APAR # Cor-Close Date
Support the automatic deletion of z/OSMF workflows on completion. PH24190 6/25/2020 PH24190 6/25/2020
New operator commands SET IZU and SETIZU are added to allow you to change the IZUPRMxx parmlib member settings dynamically.  PH24088 6/24/2020 PH24088 6/24/2020
Enhancements to the consoles services and the Operator Console UI task allow the use of simplified console settings. Also, the  automatic display of message help  now also supports JES2 messages. PH24072 6/24/2020 PH24072 6/24/2020
From the z/OSMF General Settings page, you can enable or disable z/OSMF plug-ins and services dynamically. PH24527 6/25/2020 PH24527 6/25/2020
The z/OSMF desktop editor adds syntax highlighting. Also, users can create their own links on the desktop or in a desktop folder. PH24527 6/25/2020 PH24527 6/25/2020
Enhancements to the z/OS jobs REST services. PH23046 5/27/2020 PH23046 5/27/2020
The z/OS data set and file REST interface services are enhanced to allow the specification of code pages, carriage return line feeds (CRLF), and the compressed file format gzip. PH22030 5/3/2020 PH22030 5/3/2020
The z/OSMF Diagnostic Assistant is enhanced to allow for the specification of z/OSMF logging levels. PH18776 4/3/2020 PH18776 4/3/2020
The z/OSMF Workflows task is enhanced to support saving job output in a user-defined directory. Also, the workflow definition name is displayed.
PH21919 3/25/2020 PH21919 3/25/2020
z/OSMF start-up time is reduced. PH19227 01/20/2020 PH19227 01/20/2020
z/OSMF supports the latest level of WebSphere Liberty. PH17867 01/06/2020 PH17867 01/06/2020
Security Configuration Assistant can be used to validate groups. Also, support is added for variables. PH17871 12/13/2019 PH17871 12/13/2019
The z/OSMF desktop user interface can be used to search, browse, and edit UNIX files and directories. Also, JCL can be submitted from a data set or file; the job output can be viewed in the new Job Output task. PH16076 12/12/2019 PH21896 03/26/2020
A workflow can be created from a workflow definition file that resides in a remote sysplex. PH14185 12/10/2019 PH14185 12/10/2019
The z/OSMF Sysplex Management GUI can be used to create a couple data set (CDS). PH15554 12/02/2019 PH15554 12/02/2019
z/OSMF supports the use of JSON web tokens. PH12143 11/20/2019 PH12143 11/20/2019
Cloud Provisioning for z/OS is enhanced to support:
  • Multiple sysplexes.
  • DASD storage resource pools.
PH16513 12/9/2019 PH16513 12/9/2019
REST data set and file services are enhanced to support:  
  • Remote sysplexes
  • Alternative host code pages.
PH15263 10/30/2019 PH15263 10/30/2019
z/OSMF Workflows task is enhanced to support reading workflow artifacts under the user's identity. Base Base PH15059 10/03/2019
Most z/OSMF V2R4 functions are rolled back to V2R3. Base Base PH15504 09/24/2019
z/OSMF Diagnostic Assistant can collect z/OSMF diagnostic data with one click. Base Base PH11606 8/07/2019
z/OSMF supports using a client certificate for logon. Base Base PH12781 8/02/2019
The Software Management task allows you to define data set and product properties as workflow variable properties for a software instance. Base Base PH11650 6/19/2019
The z/OSMF Workflows task adds controls for securing global variables. Base Base PH05139 2/13/2019
For users who export a workflow n a printable format, new attributes are added for controlling the output file, such as cover page and front matter. Base Base PH05139 2/13/2019
You can use the Swagger interface to display information about the z/OS data set and file REST services and the z/OS jobs REST services. Base Base PI96461 1/23/2019
The z/OSMF desktop interface is enhanced to support searching data sets, as well as basic browse and edit functions for data sets. Base Base PH01770 12/27/2018
z/OSMF workflows can use array variables. Base Base PH03053 12/18/2018
z/OS Operator Consoles plug-in supports separate display of WTOR and HOLD messages. Base Base PI99365 11/21/2018
z/OSMF RMF plug-in is enhanced to support IBM Cloud Provisioning for z/OS enhancements. Base Base PH02455 11/15/2018
z/OSMF RMF plug-in is enhanced to support automatically updated metric help. Base Base PH00039 10/9/2018
Adds DISPLAY command for z/OSMF. Base Base PH00712 10/03/2018
z/OSMF Sysplex Management task is enhanced to provide modify functions for structures, CFs, CF connectivity paths, and couple data sets of sysplex in the enterprise scope. Base Base PI99307 9/28/2018
z/OSMF workflows can be exported in a printable format. Base Base PH00582 9/26/2018
z/OSMF Incident Log task is enhanced to support SalesForce case. Base Base PI96024 9/12/2018
z/OSMF adds a new style of user interface (UI) based on Angular. Users can select the new UI at log-in or continue to use the classic interface, which is now the default. Base Base PI96462 6/14/2018
z/OSMF is upgraded to release of WebSphere Liberty. Base Base PI96793 5/29/2018
z/OSMF Workload Management plug-in is enhanced to support the memory limit attribute for the tenant resource group. Base Base PI96460 5/2/2018
Changes the default mount point for the z/OSMF data directory to /global/zosmf. In previous releases, the mount point was /var/zosmf. Base Base PI92211 4/30/2018
z/OSMF REST TSO/E address space services are enhanced to support starting TSO/E address spaces and running TSO applications on a remote system in the sysplex. Base Base PI92905 3/27/2018
z/OSMF ISPF plug-in supports remote systems in the same sysplex. Base Base PI94193 3/27/2018
Adds support for remote systems in z/OSMF workflows. Base Base PI92884 3/20/2018
Adds support for parallel step execution in z/OSMF workflows. Base Base PI92305 3/20/2018
Software Management task supports portable software instance acquisition. Base Base PI80825 2/22/2018
z/OSMF REST TSO/E address space services are enhanced to support the roll back of z/OS Operator Consoles plug-in from V2R3 to V2R2. Base Base Base Base
Roll back z/OS Operator Consoles plug-in from z/OS V2R3 to V2R2. Base Base Base Base
Roll back z/OSMF V2R3 Core enhancements from  z/OS V2R3 to V2R2. Base Base Base Base
IBM Cloud Provisioning for z/OS adds support for CPU metering and capping, composite templates, moveable instance support for templates, shared resource pools, restart provisioning workflows. Base Base PI88944 12/04/2017
Roll back z/OSMF V2R3 Incident Log enhancements from z/OS V2R3 to V2R2. Base Base Base Base
z/OSMF RMF plug-in is enhanced to support Container Pricing for IBM Z and enhancements to IBM Cloud Provisioning. Base Base PI89935 12/13/2017
z/OSMF Workload Management plug-in is enhanced to support Container Pricing for IBM Z and enhancements to IBM Cloud Provisioning. Base Base PI89361 12/13/2017
Adds function to Software Management task to support of non-SMP/E Managed products. Base Base PI79666 6/9/2017
Adds support to IBM Cloud Provisioning for z/OS for sysplex provisioning, manual security mode, and the template actions editor. Base Base Base Base
z/OSMF RMF plug-in supports sharing sysplex definitions across all z/OSMF RMF users. Base Base Base Base
z/OSMF Workload Management plug-in supports level 031 of the WLM service definition. Base Base Base Base
Adds new function to the z/OSMF Workload Management plug-in in support of IBM Cloud Provisioning for z/OS. Base Base Base Base


[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU054","label":"Systems w\/TPS"},"Product":{"code":"SSLTBW","label":"z\/OS"},"Component":"z\/OSMF","Platform":[{"code":"PF035","label":"z\/OS"}],"Version":"2.4","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB16","label":"Mainframe HW"}}]

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