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Help and tips for using the search feature of the IBM Product Lifecycle website

The IBM product lifecycle search feature searches product titles, version numbers, product identifiers (PIDs), and comment text (if any) within the lifecycle data. You can combine search terms (whole or partial words or numbers) with various operators to create precise queries for the lifecycle data you need.

Quick tips

  • Enter only letters, numbers, hyphens (within terms), and periods (within version numbers). Most other symbols and punctuation marks are not considered during searches (they are treated as spaces).
  • Use the “OR” operator to expand your search to multiple terms (for example, ims OR db2). You can use the comma instead of typing “OR”; this feature is useful, for example, to search for multiple PIDs: 5725-M34, 5724-U79, 5724-J23.
  • If you don't see all the versions you expect to match your product, try adding a space and a period at the end of your search term (for example, ims {space} {period}).

Search terms

A search term is a sequence of letters or digits that occur in a product title or alternate name, a version string, a product ID, or product comments. You can enter one or more terms separated by spaces. Your entire search query, including all terms and operators, is limited to 255 characters. (The comma operator is translated to "OR" preceded and followed by a space, and counts as four characters.)

Search terms are not case-sensitive. You can enter WebSphere or websphere.

The search engine returns up to 200 results, ordered by product name and version. You can change the sort order by selecting any column header at the top of the search results table. You can also filter your results by using the search results Filter field.