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The IBM Watson Health Phytel Support teams are available to assist with customer support issues of varying degrees of severity. There may be occasions where the Support teams may not be able to answer all your questions, but they will engage other groups within the company, including Operations and/or Development to help provide answers. IBM Watson Health Phytel Support will provide:

(a) post-deployment customer support for SaaS via electronic assistance (preferred) and phone, during regular business hours.

(b) select, basic post-deployment SaaS operations and configuration tasks for which a user interface is not available to customers.

Additionally, IBM Watson Health Phytel Support can be reached in the case of emergencies outside of normal Support business hours. IBM Watson Health Phytel Support will respond to these off-hour requests on a 'best effort' basis, as outlined in this document under "Severity Level Guidelines & Response Time Objectives."

Severity Level Guidelines & Response Time Objectives

The following table outlines response time objectives that IBM Watson Health Phytel Support strives to achieve regarding post-deployment production offerings, measured from the time we receive your initial request for support, to the time we provide an initial communication back to you regarding receipt of your request. Response time objectives described herein are intended to describe only IBM Watson Health Phytel Support’s goals, and do not represent a guarantee of performance.



Severity Definition

Response Time Objective

Response Time Coverage

(Operation Hours)


Critical business impact/
service down

Business critical functionality is inoperable or critical interface has failed. This usually applies to a production environment and indicates an inability to access services, resulting in a critical impact on operations. This condition requires an immediate solution.


Within 2 business hours;


Best-effort outside business hours



Within 2 business hours;


Best-effort outside business hours




Significant business impact:

A service business feature or function of the service is severely restricted in its use, or you are in jeopardy of missing business deadlines.


Within 2 business hours



Mon-Fri business hours


Minor business impact:

Indicates the service or functionality is usable and the issue is not causing a critical impact on operations.


Within 4 business hours

Mon-Fri business hours


Minimal business impact:

A general inquiry, feature request, simple configuration or operations request, or other non-technical request.


Within 2 business days

Mon-Fri business hours



Business Hours



IBM Watson Health Phytel Support business hours for customers worldwide are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm U.S. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (excluding U.S. national holidays).

Contacting Support

Electronic Support: Users of the Phytel Atmosphere platform may utilize the submission form for Support embedded in the Phytel Atmosphere interface. Alternatively, customer personnel may submit the same information (outlined below) for phone support via email at:

Phone Support is available. Telephone numbers to reach IBM Watson Health Phytel Support once the offering is in production use will be provided to your technical and business contacts when implementation services work is complete. When contacting IBM Watson Health Phytel Support by telephone, customer personnel will be asked to leave a message including caller name, clinic name, phone number, and a brief description of the issue, including patient name or patient ID, facility and/or (if applicable) the provider name in question.

Response: Response is defined as the first reply from an IBM representative who can begin gathering information and assist in resolving your query. We strive to respond within the targets specified in our published IBM Watson Health Phytel Support Issue Severity table.

Please note, your initial inquiry will be acknowledged through an automatically generated response from IBM Watson Health Phytel Support’s tracking and resolution system. This usually occurs within 15 minutes of original contact during business hours. All support requests, incident numbers, and resolution details may be referenced for all future inquiries regarding your incident.

The response to a customer’s issue is typically in the same form as the customer’s initial contact method to IBM. All support is offered in English only.

Protocol & Customer Responsibilities: IBM reserves the right to request additional proof of identity or authorization before providing troubleshooting or providing information to those contacting us for Support. IBM Watson Health Phytel Support does not offer SaaS support to end-users or individuals who do not have a direct purchasing relationship with IBM for the portfolio or offering in question. While occasional exceptions are made to initiate reporting of important issues, customers should ensure those contacting IBM Watson Health Phytel Support are:

(a) technically familiar with and trained on Phytel offerings,

(b) empowered to take all typical steps required to access, troubleshoot, and configure customer-side systems or infrastructure.

Direct to Service Assistance

Where you have been advised to directly contact an individual IBM Phytel representative assigned to your account (such as an Implementation Consultant or Project Manager), please do so. You may do so in email or by phone, per the instructions provided to you by that Direct to Service contact. If your team is unsure about the correct route or has lost this contact information, you may email us at:

Direct to Service assistance will be in English. Unless otherwise indicated in your contracts, your named contact will reply as soon as possible, during business hours.


For customers who purchased offerings from Phytel whose products and/or contract terms retain "Phytel" branding without any “IBM” brand tag: Your terms of support are as governed by your original Phytel contract or statement of work. With rare exceptions, your baseline support terms and methods of contacting us will be as described in this document. At present, heritage Phytel Client Support phone and email interfaces remain as they were on January 1, 2016.


To remain competitive and evolve to service our customers' ongoing needs, IBM and IBM Watson Health Phytel Support reserve the right to modify the terms and/or methods of support expressed in this document at any time.