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QMGTOOLS - Store FTP2IBMCMD Credentials

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Provides information regarding the "Store FTP2IBMCMD Credentials" option from QMGTOOLS main menu.


QMGTOOLS has the ability to allow a user to upload data to IBM. That information can be found here :

When uploading data to IBM, a user might need to user an IBM ID, Transfer ID, or Blue Diamond ID. Information regarding the use of those IDs can be found here:


Step 1 Install QMGTOOLS

If the MGTOOLS toolkit has not yet been installed, you should refer to the following document for how to download and install the MGTOOLS toolkit on your IBM i server.

Step 2 Accessing the "Store FTP2IBMCMD Credentials" function

The main QMGTOOLS menu, GO QMGTOOLS/MG, has the "Store FTP2IBM Credentials" menu option. In the following example, the option is Option 25.

QMGTOOLS main menu

You can also use the command, QMGTOOLS/STORFTPPWD, to access the function also.

When storing this information, an encrypted data area is used to store the contents. That data area is FTP2IBMCMD in QMGTOOLS. This data area can be moved to a different system with the same release of QMGTOOLS and be used.

Step 3 Using the stored password.

When using the menu option "FTP data to IBM" from the QMGTOOLS main menu or the command, QMGTOOLS/FTP2IBMCMD, put in *STORED in the IBM/BD ID field.




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18 December 2019