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Known limitations for IBM Developer for z/OS on macOS

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This document lists the known limitation of IBM Developer for z/OS (previously known as IBM Developer for z Systems) when running on macOS.


Also refer to Known issues of installing IBM Developer for z Systems V14.1 on macOS for more information.

Unsupported Features Description
Preprocessing of files Preprocessing of files is not supported on macOS.
Bidirectional support Bidirectional support is not available on macOS.

Debugging and Code Coverage The standard mode for debugging and Code Coverage is not available on macOS. To debug programs on macOS, use the Debug Tool compatibility mode.

Importing COBOL or PL/I source files
Importing COBOL or PL/I source files is not available on macOS. There are multiple areas of the tooling that use this technology and therefore are currently limited. Attempting to use this features will likely lead to Java exceptions.

In the Enterprise Service tooling, these features include bottom up and meet in the middle scenarios for web services, JSON services, XML Transformation, SCA, and SFM projects. In addition, the Test Data Entry Editor also uses the same technology for importing so the zUnit feature is also limited.

Property Group When a tab on a property group is initially opened, the page does not have focus and appears to be blank. Selecting a category from the list on the left of the page will bring the page into focus.

J2C Not available for selection during the installation.

Java code coverage Java code coverage generation is not supported on macOS. However, you can import Java code coverage results that are generated on other supported platforms to generate and view code coverage reports on macOS.

Java profiling Java profiling using JVMTI is not supported on macOS.

SCLM and zUnit Not available for selection during the installation.

Other features that can be installed but are not supported on macOS
  • Enterprise Service Tools (EST)
  • Single Service (XSE)
  • Service Flow Modeler (SFM)
  • Pre-processing of files

Original Publication Date

20 December 2017

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27 October 2020