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QRadar: After an upgrade parts of the user interface displays an Error 'Key not defined'



After upgrading, customers may notice an error when trying to use the QRadar web interface.


In the QRadar user interface when users interact with menu options, such as drop-down lists can display a Key not defined error.

    Example of Browser Error Message
    Error [key not defined: qradar.dojoGenericSearchList.error.serverNotResponding.title]
    [key not defined: qradar.dojoGenericSearchList.error.serverNotResponding.message]


This error messages typically appears after an upgrade. The errors commonly appear in drop down boxes or lists. The reason this happens is that stale session information from Tomcat may reside in memory and cannot be over written. Clearing the browser cache allows new session information to populate the cache.

Note: It is recommended that all users also clear their browser cache as defined in the release note installation instructions for QRadar.

Resolving The Problem

To resolve the problem, you will need to close all tabs, and clear your browser's cache.

    1. For both FireFox and Internet Explorer browsers, users can press Ctrl + Shift + Delete to display the Clear History (Firefox) or Delete Browsing History (IE) menus.
    2. FireFox users should ensure that the Cache check box is selected and the time range is Everything, then click OK.
    3. Internet Explorer users should ensure that the Temporary Internet Files check box is selected and click Delete.

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21 June 2018