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Release of WinCollect stand-alone agent V10.1.7

Release Notes


This release note contains upgrade instructions and new features in IBM® WinCollect Agent V10.1.7


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About WinCollect V10.1.7

WinCollect 10.1.7 is available for stand-alone only deployments.

Important: Beginning in V10.1.4, WinCollect now uses a virtual account to increase application security. If you are upgrading from 10.1.3 or lower, refer to the 10.1.4 release notes for upgrade instructions.

Bug fixes and improvements including the following:

  • Fixed an issue where the WinCollect virtual account cannot be used on a domain controller (IJ47086)
  • Fixed an issue in the WinCollect Console with the Active Directory fields were not taking effect (IJ47348)
  • Fixed an issue where the WinCollect virtual account is not added to the administrators group on non-English operating systems (IJ47330)
  • Fixed an issue where Windows "restricted group" policies can prevent WinCollect from collecting security logs or file based logs (IJ48021)
  • Fixed an issue where WinCollect fails to install or update on any drive other than C:\ when using the GUI wizard (IJ47643)
  • Fixed a security vulnerability with XML injection in certain WinCollect Console fields
  • Updated version of a third-party library
Upgrade your existing WinCollect 7 stand-alone agents to WinCollect 10.1.7. See WinCollect 10 Upgrade instructions.
For more information about the agent and new features, see the WinCollect 10 documentation.
Supported Windows® operating systems
  • Windows® Server 2022 (including Core)
  • Windows® Server 2019 (including Core)
  • Windows® Server 2016 (including Core)
  • Windows® Server 2012 (including Core)
  • Windows® 10 (most recent)
  • Windows® 11 (most recent)
NOTE: WinCollect is not supported on versions of Windows® that moved to End Of Support by Microsoft®. After software is used beyond the Extended Support End Date, the product might still function as expected; however, IBM® does not make code or vulnerability fixes to resolve WinCollect issues for older operating systems. For more information, see the WinCollect 10 documentation.

IBM® Statement for WinCollect supported versions
Supported software versions for IBM® WinCollect are the latest version (n) and the latest minus one (n-1). Therefore, the two newest versions of WinCollect are the versions that QRadar® support suggests with any support tickets (cases) that are opened. To prevent issues, it is important that you, as an administrator, keep WinCollect deployments updated when new versions are posted to IBM® Fix Central. For questions related to this statement, ask in the WinCollect forum:

Prerequisites for the WinCollect V10.1.7 upgrade

Installation prerequisites

WinCollect 10.0.1 and WinCollect V7.3.0 or greater agents that are in stand-alone mode can be upgraded to WinCollect V10.1.7.

QRadar® version prerequisites
WinCollect V10.1.7 supports QRadar® V7.5.0 or later.

WinCollect version prerequisites

WinCollect V7.3.0 stand-alone is the minimum version required to upgrade to QRadar® V10.x (any patch level).

WinCollect upgrade procedure

For more information about installing or upgrading WinCollect 10, see IBM Documentation.

WinCollect Agent update links for 64-bit and 32-bit downloads:

For more information about stand-alone mode, see IBM Documentation.

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Modified date:
30 August 2023