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IBM Storage Protect 8.1.20 Server Requirements and Support for AIX®

Detailed System Requirements


IBM Storage Protect 8.1.20 for AIX® Server requirements and support.


Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements
This document describes the minimum hardware and software required to install and run the IBM Storage Protect 8.1.20 server on AIX.
Hardware requirements
Type of hardware Hardware requirements
IBM Storage Protect requires a POWER8, POWER9, or POWER101 processor.
For disk-only environments, use any provisioned and configured hardware on which you can run an operating system that is supported for this product and release.

For environments that use other types of storage, such as tape, contact your device vendor for support requirements.
  1. For servers running on POWER10 processors, the only supported tape devices are IBM LTO, IBM 3592, and compatible tape devices that use the IBM Atape device driver.  Tape devices that require a different device driver, including devices that use the IBM Storage Protect tape device driver, are not supported on POWER10.
Disk space The following minimum values for disk space:
  • 7.5 GB for the installation directory
  • 2.5 GB for the /var directory
  • 4 GB for the /tmp directory
  • 128 MB in the home directory for the root user.
  • 2 GB for the shared resources area
If a problem arises that requires diagnosis, it is optimal to have additional temporary space available for uses such as a first failure data capture (FFDC) log or in which to collect trace logs.

Significant disk space is required for database and log files. The size of the database depends on the number of client files to be stored and the method by which the server manages them. The default active log space is 16 GB, the minimum that is needed for most workloads and configurations. When you create the active log, you need at least 64 GB to run replication. If replication and data deduplication are both being used, create an active log of 128 GB. Allocate at least three times the default active log space for the archive log (48 GB). Ensure that you have sufficient resources if you are using data deduplication or expect a heavy client workload.

For optimal performance and to facilitate I/O, specify at least two equally sized containers or Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs) for the database. In addition, each active log and archive log needs its own container or LUN.
Memory The following are the minimum system memory requirements for servers with databases up to 500 GB, with daily ingestion of no more than 200 GB per day:
  • 16 GB for standard server operations without data deduplication and node replication
  • 24 GB for data deduplication or node replication
  • 32 GB for node replication with data deduplication
For more specific memory requirements for larger databases and higher ingestion capability, see the IBM Storage Protect server memory tuning table.
For more specific memory requirements when you are using data deduplication, see the IBM Storage Protect Blueprint for your operating system.
Software requirements
Type of software Minimum software requirements
Operating System AIX 7.2
  • AIX 7.2 TL5 with SP4 or later AIX 7.2 levels
  • Minimum C++ runtime level of xlC.rte or later. The file set is NOT automatically upgraded if the level is earlier than 16.1.
  • See technote 6430303
AIX 7.3
  • AIX 7.3. TL0 with SP1 or later AIX 7.3 levels
These are the minimum technology levels (TLs) and service packs (SPs) supported by the server. Later TLs and SPs are also supported.
Refer to the AIX Support Lifecycle web page for current information on which releases of AIX are still in support.
Communication protocol
  • TCP/IP Version 4 or Version 6
  • Shared memory protocol (with IBM Storage Protect AIX client)
Processing Asynchronous I/O must be enabled.
Device drivers
The IBM Storage Protect device driver is required for non-IBM drives and tape libraries. The IBM Storage Protect device driver package contains device driver tools and ACSLS daemons.

For the IBM 3590, 3592, or the Ultrium tape library or drives, the IBM device drivers are required. Install the most current device drivers. You can locate IBM driver packages at Fix Central.

Configure the device drivers before you use the IBM Storage Protect server with tape devices.
Other software
  • The gunzip utility must be available on your system before you install or upgrade the server. Ensure that the gunzip utility is installed and the path to it is set in the PATH environment variable.
  • Korn Shell (ksh)
  • To authenticate IBM Storage Protect users with a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server, you must use one of the following directory servers:
    • Microsoft Active Directory (Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019)
    • IBM Security Directory Server V6.3.1
    • IBM Security Directory Server V6.4

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12 December 2023