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IBM DevOps Model Architect v1.0 BIRT preview report fails with Service Unavailable error



In DevOps Model Architect v1.0 when user runs View Report as PDF, Service Unavailable error message is displayed


When user clicks on Run -> View report -> View Report as PDF

Following error occurs in Web Browser:

Birt Preview Report error

Resolving The Problem

User can resolve the issue by following below steps:

1. Stop IBM DevOps Model Architect.

2. Goto <install_directory>/plugins/org.apache.axis_1.4.0.v201411182030/META-INF folder

3. Open MANIFEST.MF file in a text editor

4. Update Import-Package section as follows: 

Birt Preview issue resolution

5. Save changes.

6. Start DMA with clean option i.e.

  • Open Command prompt
  • Browse to install location of DMA
  • Run command eclipse -clean

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Modified date:
18 July 2023