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QRadar: How to determine the current transfer rate of a event collector via GUI

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When my event collector is set to send data at a specific rate (KB/s), is there a way to tell what the actual transfer rate is from the appliance to know that I am not exceeding my restriction?


To understand the current event rate, the administrator can monitor the appliance via GUI by using the QRadar Deployment Intelligence (QDI) app.

  1. Log in to the console.
    Log in
  2. In menu bar, select the QRadar Deployment Intelligence (QDI) option
  3. On the QDI dashboard, select the Event Collector you want to review
  4. In the Dashboard for the Event Collector, you can monitor the transfer rate
    Dashboard To find the network information scroll to the end of the Dashboard, where you can find the network usage:
For more information about bandwidth requirements for an event collector, read the documentation:
Bandwidth for managed hosts

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22 June 2023