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IBM SPSS Statistics 29.0.1 Fix List

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This list describes the customer reported issues resolved in IBM SPSS Statistics


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Program Area Known Issue Description
Backend DT211200 Output Export does not export entire output if it hasn't finished rendering yet.
DT144788 Production Facility is now requiring full paths to the production job file.
DT178259 Statistics Subscription will not launch: SPSSLic LicenseThread BASE NOT LICENSED. Call System.exit(0)
DT174547 Estimated Marginal Means Table incomplete for Statistics users
DT211184 Test Statistics with the J9 Java 17 JRE
DT196984 Service Unavailable in Subscription logon
DT196542 Slow start up due SPSS Statistics internet connections
DT197463 wrong cell values exported
DT197468 UIT: "Statistics Output" runs endlessly and delivers no output
DT208153 Unable to open SPSS on my system (2nd ntdll.dll case)
Data Editor DT168796 Search application doesn't accept Japanese character vowel
DT168989 Overall, the fonts in version 28.0 and later look much smaller
DT169190 Data Editor: "File->Save As" dialog lost the "Save"
DT171812 SPSS Statistics 29 can't select functions on "Transform->Compute Variable: If Cases" dialog.
DT195670 Backspace deletes all text in a cell
Documentation DT211203 Document link issue for R and Extension.
DT169309 Linear OLS Alternatives can run with a Statistics Base Edition license.
Graphics DT211181 Chart Builder does not open when Style Cycles color values are dropped
DT197204 Editing the graph/table does not work by double-clicking when the Search toolbar is hidden
Help DT168865 Accelerated Failure Time Models dialog doesn't have online help.
Installation DT188639 Cannot successfuly do silent install with version 29.0 while no one is logged on.
Licensing DT211204 WlmAdmin of Sentinel up to does not display checked out commuter licenses of standard users
DT137898 License Manager and Tools need to be separate installs
DT173586 Cannot install the license manager to custom path.
Maps DT171816 Stats 29: Value Label line breaks defined as "Asia/n34.1" do not break as expected in SPSS Statistics Maps
Output Viewer DT211175 Pivot table bug related to hiding empty rows
DT211171 Output Viewer: Cannot hide/unhide items in tree
Programmability DT168877 wrong operator '/' in
DT172789 Statistics Server does not show Python2 results even when configured
DT174562 KRR fails to run
DT197387 SPSS Program is shutdown while R syntax
DT211172 Test StatsXD with the Java 17 JRE
Server DT132437 SORT between SAVE Outfile commands cause error (Linux server with remote Windows share)
DT140806 Statistics Server log rotation fails after restarting the service/daemon
Translations DT149355 Japanese text is wrong on SPSS Statistics 29 Linear Ridge Regression output.
DT160194 SPSS Statistics 29 has wrong translation and broken font in Japanese.
DT168802 MIXED: SPSS Statistics 29 has wrong translations in Japanese
DT168975 SPSS Statistics 29 is mistranslating in Linear Lasso Regression Japanese output.
DT169199 SPSS Statistics 29 has wrong Japanese in MEANS output.
DT169294 SPSS Statistics 29.0 has wrong Japanese translation in Paired-Samples T Test
DT169820 SURVREG AFT: AFT models do not work properly under non US locale
DT174267 Cannot input negative numbers in Hebrew LOCALE.
DT174556 Chart doesn't use value as label if you execute GRAPH chart command with Japanese text.
DT188619 Support for Norway locale and 'hacking' the 'loclmap.xml'
DT137932 Local Thai Language not available
DT196665 Problems setting options when exporting pivot table
DT211168 German translation incorrect in Syntax Editor

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18 April 2023