ILE COBOL enhancements delivered through PTFs

ILE COBOL enhancements in the first half of the year 2023
ILE COBOL enhancements in the last half of the year 2022 provided through PTFs
  • Preserve case sensitivity of identifiers for COBOL web services by specifying the new NOMONOCASE value for the PGMINFO option on the PROCESS statement.
  • The new TGTCCSID compiler option was added to the compile commands CRTBNDCBL and CRTCBLMOD. The user can specify the CCSID that the Unicode source is converted to for compilation.
    • See
    • PTfs for TGTCCSID support
      PTFs to provide the base support for the TGTCCSID parameter
      PTFs to provide the TGTCCSID parameter for CRTBNDCBL and CRTCBLMOD
      5770WDS SI81047
      5770WDS SI81866
      5770WDS SI81049
      5770WDS SI81006
      5770WDS SI81863
      5770WDS SI81023
      5770WDS SI81472
      5770WDS SI81846
      5770WDS SI81473