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All MaaS360 apps are now compliant with Android 13

Release Notes


MaaS360 is now fully compatible with Android 13 and adopts all the behavior changes related to Android 13.


Notification permission changes in MaaS360 container apps

If a user installs a MaaS360 container app on a device that runs Android 13 or higher, the app's notifications are off by default. MaaS360 displays a new runtime notification permission request on the app's first run. The app notifications wait until the user grants that permission to that app.

notifications browser

If users deny the runtime notification permission, MaaS360 displays a rationale screen that explains why the app needs the runtime notification permission, encouraging users to grant the permission.

notifications rationale


  • The new notification permission request is displayed only on container apps such as MaaS360 core, Secure Browser, Docs, PIM, VPN, Remote Control, and Viewer.
  • The notification permission is madatory for the VPN and Remote Control apps.
  • The runtime permission request is not displayed if the notification permission was pre-granted to the apps before upgrading to Android 13.

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Modified date:
13 March 2023