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Ports That Must Be Open to Make an ODBC, Data Transfer, OLE DB, ADO.Net, or JDBC Connection through a Firewall



This document contains a list of TCP/IP ports must be open to make a connection to the database host server through a firewall.

Resolving The Problem

The following is a list of standard ports that will be used for a standard internet (TCP/IP) or TLS (Transaction Layer Security) connection from clients that use the database host server (ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, ADO.Net and data transfer). The following functions may be used depending upon the client and whether conversion tables need to be added: Server Mapper, License Management, Sign-On Verification, Database Access.

PC FunctionPort (non-TLS)TLS Port
Server Mapper449449
License Management (see Note)84709470
RPC/DPC (Remote Command)84759475
Sign-On Verification84769476
Database Access84719471

Note: License Management is required for data transfer.

These port numbers (other than the Server Mapper) can be configured and, while the defaults are listed above, the actual values on a system may vary. The ports are retrieved from the service table. Determine these ports using the WRKSRVTBLE command on the system in question to determine if the ports have been modified from the default values.

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