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QRadar: How to perform dynamic LIKE correlations with AQL

How To


This guide provides an overview of how to build QRadar AQL queries that use LIKE correlations between two different properties dynamically.


1. Log in to QRadar User Interface
2. Open Log Activity Page
3. In order to perform dynamic LIKE correlations between two different properties, ensure property values are enclosed by a percent sign wildcard (%). This functionality can be achieved by leveraging the CONCAT function.
Here is an AQL sample showcasing a real example of this technique:
SELECT LOGSOURCENAME(logsourceid) as "Log Source", "Hostname" FROM events WHERE "Log Source" ILIKE CONCAT('%', "Hostname", '%')
Substitute "Log Source" and "Hostname" values from this query with the properties required
4. Run the resulting query in the Log Activity to see results.

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Modified date:
14 February 2023