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QRadar: How to troubleshoot "Patch pretest 'HA Mountpoint Check' failed" error



The QRadar installation (/media/updates/installer) fails at the precheck stage with the "Patch pretest 'HA Mountpoint Check' failed" error.


The following error is observed during the patch or upgrade process, or it can be found in the patches.log:
Patch pretest 'HA Mountpoint Check' failed. (
Status Summary of Hosts
|Hostname                 |Status           |
|test-hostname            |Patch Test Failed|

[DEBUG]Patch Report for XX.XX.XX.XX, appliance type: 3199
Patch pretest 'HA Mountpoint Check' failed. (
test-hostname :  patch test failed.


The sfs file is mounted in a different path than /media/patch or /media/updates, or the file name is not right, for example, /media/update instead of /media/updates.

Resolving The Problem

  1. SSH into the QRadar console.
  2. Optional: If the issue is on a host different than the console, SSH to that managed host.
  3. Identify the wrong mountpoint. Run the following command:
    df -Th | grep -i squashfs
    The output shows the wrong mountpoint path. In this scenario, the path is /media/update (the updates folder is missing one "s".
  4. Unmount patch or upgrade file.  Change <mount_point_path> with the path given in the previous command:
    umount <mount_point_path>
  5. Rename the folder to /media/updates. Run the following command:
    mv /media/<folder name> /media/updates
    Mount the patch or upgrade file. Replace <patch_or_upgrade_file>.sfs with the .sfs file name:
    mount -o loop -t squashfs /storetmp/<patch_or_upgrade_file>.sfs /media/updates
  6. Run the installer:

    The administrator is able to install or update QRadar without any error. If the error persists, contact QRadar Support for assistance.

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21 November 2022