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Release Levels and Prerequisites


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Here you can find information on the latest PTFs for Db2 Web Query.   Scroll down to find the table of PTFs for your release level.
The table below shows interoperability between release levels of DB2 Web Query for i and the IBM i OS. For each combination, the table lists the prerequisite products, prerequisite PTFs, and Web Query group PTF numbers. The prerequisites must be applied before installing Web Query. It is recommended that you apply the latest levels of any group PTFs.
The latest Web Query group PTF levels and any individually released Web Query PTFs can be found at The site provides detailed PTF and service information, such as the release dates and package identifiers for each group level.
Every Web Query release and some PTFs, as well, introduce new features and functional enhancements. To view highlights, see the New Features document at You can also refer to this document for a table of supported browsers and their release levels.
Web Query includes an optional Developer Workbench client. When upgrading the Web Query release or group PTF level, users who installed the client on their workstation must refresh it. The level of the Developer Workbench client must match that of the base Web Query product running on the IBM i.
The Qshell environment is used for processing Web Query CL commands. The subsystem the CL program is running in, generally QBATCH, must be configured to allow at least 2 additional jobs to be created. This can be verified through the MAXJOBS parameter on the subsystem description. MAXJOBS - CURRENT NUMBER OF JOB >= 2. This allows for the Qshell Interpreter job and a child job to run the necessary function. The user profile the CL command is running under should specify a locale that is valid for the CCSID and language ID of the job running the command. For more information, refer to

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