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Cognos Controller Excel plug-in does not coexist well with Microsoft Azure Information Protection plug-in



When using the IBM Cognos Controller excel plug-in together with the Microsoft Azure Information Protection plug-in each time the user closes excel, excel crashes.


Both plug-ins are turned on and when closing excel it crashes and reopens. Once reopened, you might find the controller link plug-in was disabled, and needs to be manually enabled once again.


This issue is related to APAR PH38143.


The behavior has been encountered on all versions lower than 

Diagnosing The Problem

By using the steps in the workaround described below to disable the plug-in, it can be confirmed your excel crash is related to this compatibility issue.

Resolving The Problem

This issue (APAR PH38143) has been addressed in version IF1.
It is recommended to update to that version of IBM Cognos Controller, or higher.

Please contact IBM Technical Support to request access to this specific interim fix ( IF1) as it is not generally available. 


 It is not possible to remove the controller COM plug-in without removing the Azure plug-in first.  When you try to remove controller COM Addin, Excel closes and then reopens. However, you can Disable (untick) Azure COM plug-in, in File - Options - Addins, then clicking OK does just that (disables Azure addin).  Excel stays open
          - Then go back into the plug-ins and disable controller COM addin, click OK Excel stays open
          - Then go back into the plug-ins and disable the controller Addin click OK Excel stays open
          - Then go back into the plug-ins and enable the Azure COM addin click OK Excel stays open
          - Close Excel.  It does no reopen

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Modified date:
10 November 2022