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How to Create the *SYSTEM Store in DCM



This is a brief document to describe the steps required to create the *SYSTEM store in Digital Certificate Manager (DCM).

Resolving The Problem

The following Youtube video walks through the steps to create the *SYSTEM store:
This is a brief document to describe the steps required to create the *SYSTEM store in Digital Certificate Manager (DCM). If you are having trouble getting to the DCM page, you should verify that the HTTP server: ADMIN is running in the QHTTPSVR subsystem. If so, try using your IBM i system name or IP address and typing it into the URL below:

http://<IBM i name or IP address>:2001/QIBM/ICSS/Cert/Admin/qycucm1.ndm/main0
  • Step 1

    On the DCM main page, click the link on the left that says Create New Certificate Store.

    Select the option to create a new certificate store.

  • Step 2

    On the page that appears, you should have an option for *SYSTEM. Make sure the radio button is selected and click Continue.

    Note: If the *SYSTEM option is not there, you already have a *SYSTEM store created. You should use the large button at the top called Select a Certificate Store which should bring up a list of your current stores. If *SYSTEM is there, select it, sign in, and continue working with DCM.

    Select the *SYSTEM option and click continue.

  • Step 3

    Select the radio button for No - Do not create a certificate in the certificate store. Click the Continue button.

    Note that the option for Yes can be used to create a certificate at the same time as creating the store; however, there are other requirements involved, and this falls outside the scope of what this document is intended for - a simple creation of the *SYSTEM store.

    Select the option for No and click continue.

  • Step 4

    Create a password for the *SYSTEM store and click Continue.

    o The password is case sensitive.
    o Most special characters work (sometimes there are problems with the @ symbol). It is recommended that you do not use special characters.
    o The password is not tied to a user profile, so it will not lock you out of the system after too many retries if you forget it.
    o If you have unsuccessful password attempts, you may see Software Problem Data errors in WRKPRB. This is normal and can be ignored/deleted.
    Sample of error generated by DCM in the WRKPRB screen on the IBM i server.

    Create a password and continue.

  • Step 5

    You have successfully created the *SYSTEM store. Now that it is created, you will need to click OK and then click Select a Certificate Store. Select the newly created *SYSTEM option, and sign in with your new password:

    Success screenshot.  Click OK and then click the Select a Certificate Store button to sign into the new *SYSTEM store.

    Screenshot showing the *SYSTEM store is selected.

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03 November 2021