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IBM FlashSystem CyberVault - What's in It and How Does it Work?



You've heard about IBM FlashSystem Cyber Vault. You've heard about Safeguarded Copy. But do you know how the two go together?

Listen to this session for a mid-level dive on the various components of a Cyber Vault solution and how it can protect your data against cyberattacks.

This session will cover the various components of a Cyber Vault solution including, Safeguarded Copy, SIEM, SOAR as well as some of the existing offerings that are currently available. We will also feature a demo of a Cyber Vault solution. The first features QRadar to proactively protect data if a threat is detected while the second, IBM Spectrum Sentinel, automatically checks data for corruption.


Date: Thursday, December 1st, 2022

Speakers: Shu Mookerjee, Sr. Storage Technical Specialist, Gilbert Nevarez, Sr. Storage Technical Specialist and Dan Thompson, Sr. Storage Technical Specialist

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