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Streamlining DataOps for the Data-Driven Enterprise



Next-generation enterprises are data-driven. They are focused on unlocking and activating the intrinsic value of the data in their enterprise. This can be data created and accessed at the core or on the edge. DataOps connects multiple information sources to a single source of truth (data pool) where applications (AI, ML, security) and users can derive value by inspecting, analyzing, and processing large-scale data sets. CTERA facilitates the collection of unstructured data sets across the distributed enterprise with full data integrity while offering fast, secure access to large-scale data sets.


Date:  Thursday, October 27th, 2022

Speakers:  Saimon Michelson, CTERA Field CTO of North America and Mark Ivanov, CTERA Director of MarketingJoin our

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27 October 2022