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QRadar: Use wget to download directly from Fix Central to your console

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This article explains how to use the wget command to quickly download update packages (SFS), installation files (ISO), and auto updates from Fix Central directly to your devices without using an intermediary host.


Copy the URLs from Fix Central and download the files with wget.
Where can I save my file?
  • For large files, such as ISOs, create a directory in /store. Remember to delete it when you are finished.
  • For small files, such as SFSs, you can save the files to /store/tmp as files over six hours old in /store/tmp are automatically deleted.
Important: Do not use /tmp, /store/tmp, or /store/transient for your ISO upgrade. These directories are partitioned as part of the upgrade; you cannot use them as storage locations or mount points for the ISO file.
  1. Open the page for the package you intend to download on Fix Central.
  2. Select Download files using HTTPS. If prompted, log in with your IBMid.
  3. Right-click the download link and select Copy Link.
    Copy URL
  4. SSH into your QRadar console.
  5. (Optional) SSH to the Managed Host you want to install the package on.
  6. Directly download the file by using wget. You may download multiple files by once by separating the URLs by a space.
    wget -P /<Directory the file is saved to> <Copied URL> <Additional URLs (optional)>

    The file is downloaded. You can use all_servers with the -p flag to put the file on your other hosts. The following example puts the file on all hosts with an IP that begins with 10:
    /opt/qradar/bin/ -i '10%' -p <FILE NAME>


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07 October 2022