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How to find the tenant ID and locate tenant data in IBM QRadar?

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IBM QRadar can be configured for multi-tenancy and event/flow data for all the tenants is stored under /store/ariel directory.
Looking at the directory structure under /store/ariel it is difficult to identify data directories for each tenant and following procedure can help.


Tenant ID doesn’t show up in IBM QRadar UI. It only shows tenant name, event rate and flow rate.


Tenant ID information is not available in UI. We can use following database query in QRadar console CLI to identify the tenant ID:
psql -U qradar -c "select id, name from tenant where deleted='f';"
 id |   name   
  1 | UBA1
  2 | UBA2
  3 | UBA-Test
(3 rows)
Once, tenant ID is identified, we can locate tenant data in /store/ariel.

Example: UBA-Test tenant data is stored under following directory.

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More details on Tenant Data with Event or Flow Retention (FAQ):

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28 December 2022