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What are IBM i Customized Services?


IBM i Customized Services is a VAO (Value Added Offering) and is available to provide assistance that is beyond the scope of SWMA that can be completed remotely by one of the IBM i Global Support Center representatives. ( SWMA is for short duration questions and defects) IBM i Customized Services are currently only available to external clients in the United States and United Kingdom. (outside of these countries may be available with special processing)

The intent of IBM i Customized Services is to fill the gap between SWMA and a Lab Services Engagement as IBM i Customized Services can be scheduled quickly and performed remotely. IBM i Customized services can also be used if the end user does not have the time or skills to perform the action plan given in course of working a problem record under SWMA. If a defect is found during the performance of the contracted work, the engagement is still billable and a separate problem ticket will be created for defect work if associated with IBM i. If deeper root cause analysis is requested for a HW/SW ticket, IBM i
Customized Services can be used but is dependent on available data and confidential disclosure criteria.

Minimum requirements are an existing SWMA and a referring problem record by someone in the IBM i Global Support Center. The typical service is anything requiring less than 12 hours of total work and is sold in blocks of 4 hours with an engagement minimum of a single block The current cost for a single block (up to 4 hrs) is $1400 USD plus taxes and can only be purchased using a credit card.

The tasks and timing are agreed to by the client and the performing technical support representative. (this
service is typically not available on weekends or holidays)

If you have had a discussion with an IBM i technical support representative, they have referred you to this document, someone has given you a time estimate, and would like to proceed , please follow the steps below to start the payment process.

Once the payment process has been completed, you will receive an order number and a note will be sent to the IBM i Customized Support Administrators who will then contact the performing technical support representative. The assigned person will then call you to set up time to perform the work. The engagement will be considered complete when agreed to work is finished, block has been used up, or 90 days after the order number has been received, whichever comes first. (unless other arrangements have been agreed to and documented)

If the performance of the services is urgent or there are questions, please make sure the referring technical support representative is aware so the process can be expedited or questions answered.

Link for client -

Instructions for placing an order using a Credit Card

Page 1 of 9 (main store window using above url)
1 Widen the browser window till you can see IBM i Customized Services,
2 Click on the name (it will highlight)
3.Click on the IBM i Customized Services on the the drop down

Page 2 of 9 (IBM i Customized Services)
1. Put quantity of blocks you want to purchase (typically 1)
2. Click on the "add to current order"
Note: If you want to know more details about the offering, click
on the IBM_I_CUSTOM_SVCS_ISS link for a dialog with more

Page 3 of 9 (dialog popup)
1. When you click on "add to current order" a new dialog box will pop which will tell you this item has been added to your current order
2. Click on the links that says "Go to current order"

Page 4 of 9 (Current Order)
1. You will be presented with a summary of your order, if you are ok with what you see, click on the "checkout" button

Page 5 of 9 (Current Order Shipping & Billing Method Order Summary )

Note: if you have previously filled in this information this page may be skipped, if you need to change something, please click on the edit link

1. Fill in the Billing address blanks

Note: Fields that are required are indicated by a little red asterisk, including the nickname
field at the top
Note: Zip code can be 5 digits
Note: Use the same customer number that you used when working on the referring problem record or ticket.. Customer number must be 7 digits and are used to verify client details.

2. If the shipping address is the same as the billing address, check the box at the top
and those blanks will disappear
3. Click on "next" at the bottom of the screen when finished filling out the form
Note: if there are any required fields missing, they will be noted in the form before
you can continue

Page 6 of 9 (Current Order Shipping & Billing Method Order Summary )
1. Review shipping and billing information for accuracy
2. Click on "next" proceed to your order summary

Page 7 of 9 (Current Order Shipping & Billing Method Order Summary )
1. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen
2. Optional - click on the email and other communications boxes as appropriate
3. Click on the terms and conditions link and read as appropriate (for IBM i Customized
services you will need to scroll down for applicable terms and conditions)
4. Click on the box that says I have read and agree with the terms and conditions
5. Click on the "continue" button

Page 8 of 9 (payment amount )
1. Type in the credit card number, expiration date, and security code
2. Click on the pay button

Page 9 of 9 (completed order)
1. Order should be completed and a order number presented and sent to you via email
2. Close browser

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30 March 2021