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Roadmap to IBM i Preventive Service Planning Documentation



How to navigate to the Preventive Service Planning (PSP) documents for the IBM i


This is the main page from which you can go to specific PSP documents

Resolving The Problem

Here are the current links to gain access to the Preventive Service Planning documents for the currently supported releases for the IBM i:

IBM i 740 PSPs

IBM i 730 PSPs

IBM i 720 PSPs

IBM i 710 PSPs

NOTE: The PDF and CSV versions of the PSP documents are attached to the HTML document. The attachments are listed at the end of the HTML document.

The following link will give you an unformatted view of the group PTFs by release:

Here is a link to the iSeries Recommended Fixes:

The IBM i development team has provided these "as-is" tools to help determine if your system is current with PTF's.

For information on using the IBM i System tools PTF currency see the IBM Developer works pages

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06 April 2021