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QRadar: Newly Created Threat Intelligence App Feed Does Not Show Signatures



A newly created Threat Intelligence feed does not show any feed data and does not update the reference set elements.


After we add a feed in the Threat Intelligence App, it does not pull signatures, and the reference set is not updated with the elements from the feed collection. Even after polling the feed, the Signatures received last poll field does not display any number:


This issue is caused due to the selection of an incorrect Observable Type when the feed is being created or edited. If the feed is set to collect URLs as observables, but we set the Observable Type to a value other than URL, the reference set is not updated.
Another cause for this issue is that the reference set type is set incorrectly. In our example, we are adding URLs and if we select the reference set type as numeric, the Threat Intelligence app does not add elements in the reference set.

Resolving The Problem

Select the correct Observable Type and Reference Set type when a TAXII feed is added (or when an existing TAXII feed is edited):
TAXXI Parameter Settings

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25 October 2022