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Certain Fibre Adapters in IBM Power Systems are Incorrectly Registerd as Targets instead of Initiators in the SAN fabric



Qlogic or Cavium IBM fibre adapters in Power Systems register as targets in the SAN fabric instead of initiators.


Any one of a number of symptoms might be present, including:
1. NPIV client LPARs do not discover devices during scans by system firmware (SMS or ioinfo)
2. AIX hosts can fail to boot
3. The AIX error log might be filled with extraneous errors when SAN monitoring software runs, or even when cfgmgr runs, as the adapter attempts to log in to itself.  The errors decode as name server query failures.  Detailed SENSE DATA indicates the failure was against the physical adapter's own N_Port ID.


The behavior described is by design from Qlogic and Cavium.  It's part of the adapter firmware design.


The problem occurs on Qlogic or Cavium fibre adapters installed in IBM Power Systems.

Diagnosing The Problem

If any of the symptoms described occur, check to see what type of physical fibre adapters are in use on the systems.  If they are Qlogic or Cavium adapters, they are subject to this issue.

Resolving The Problem

The problem is correcting by modifying a nondisplayable adapter attribute as follows:
Setting this attribute correctly will correct the host-side errors and in will correct alerts on certain switches 
as well. By default, it's set to no. Sample from the PdAt entry in the ODM for an adapter of type

fcs0 Available 04-00 U78CB.001.WZS0N9S-P1-C3-T1 PCIe2 8Gb 2-Port FC 
Adapter (77103225141004f3)
uniquetype = "adapter/pciex/77103225141004f"
attribute = "sw_prli_rjt"
deflt = "no"
values = "yes,no"
width = ""
type = "R"
generic = "U"
rep = "sl"
nls_index = 0
The attribute can be corrected on AIX by doing the following for each adapter:
chdev -l fcs# -a sw_prli_rjt=yes -P
bosboot -ad /dev/ipldevice
OR - to make the change without reboot (assuming MPIO is in use), change one path/adapter at a time:
rmpath -p fscsi#
rmdev -Rl fcs#
chdev -l fcs# -a sw_prli_rjt=yes
cfgmgr -vl fcs#
To correct the issue on a VIO server perform the same steps from the oem_setup_env prompt, then reboot the VIO server. 
NOTE:  It's also possible to make the change on a VIO server without reboot by doing one adapter at a time.  The caveat is that before changing each adapter, any vfchosts mapped to the adapter must first be unmapped.  Then after the cfgmgr step has been run, the vfchosts can be remapped and the next adapter modified.

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02 August 2022