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SPSS Statistics purchase of fewer than 10 licenses - how to obtain SPSS authorization codes?

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I purchased SPSS Statistics with fewer than 10 licenses. How do I obtain my new SPSS authorization codes?


When a purchase of SPSS Statistics is made for 10 or fewer licenses, the primary contact receives an email with pre-generated authorization codes. Check your email to find a letter such as seen in this example: 

Dear SPSS Statistics Customer,

Thank you for your IBM SPSS software order.
Order Number: [XXXXXXX]
Order Date: [DATE]
Purchase Order: [PO1234567]
Below is information you need to get started.
Products on this order include:
[Product Listing]
Download your software via the IBM License Key Center Express Download (DOWNLOAD URL) page which will be active for 90 days from the original order date.  After 90 days, you will be required to download your software from the IBM Passport Advantage website ( 
Please note that your IBM License Key Center ( account is separate from your IBM Passport Advantage ( account. Both websites have a link to help you recover your password if you do not have it.
After installing your software, apply the below authorization code(s) to activate your software.  To do this, use the License Authorization Wizard ( utility that comes with your software.
Authorization Codes
[Listing of Codes]
[Product Description]
For licensing questions, visit the SPSS Licensing Support page ( 
For other SPSS Technical Support questions, visit the SPSS Help and Support ( page.
For help with order information or downloading software from Passport Advantage, contact one of our global eCustomer Care ( centers.
NOTE:  You received this email because a new order was created or a change to your account or previous order was made.  
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