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Detecting Cyber-Attacks with IBM Spectrum Sentinel



When designing a cyber-resilient infrastructure, many critical layers of security software and resilient storage must be implemented. However, what happens if malware successfully infects your environment and is not detected in time to prevent data corruption? In the past, data corruption was often detected because data was quickly found to be inaccessible or unusable. However, as malware has grown in sophistication, the infection has become more difficult to detect immediately and lies hidden until a later time.

IBM Spectrum Sentinel can detect corruption hidden within data sources, such as databases. For example, immutable snapshots of Epic Cache or Iris databases can be scanned, and potential corruption identified. With an accurate detection rate above 99%, Spectrum Sentinel can analyze the internal data structures of the database to detect corruption that would otherwise stay hidden.

Please join the IBM Advanced Technology Group for an introduction and demonstration of Spectrum Sentinel as well as the Safeguarded Copy of IBM FlashSystems.


Date:  Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

Speakers:  Dan Thompson, Senior Storage Technical Specialist and Dan Zehnpfennig, Senior Storage Technical Specialist both from the Advanced Technology Group


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