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License Metric Tool: Policy update for subcapacity reporting requirements for VPC license metric



Effective May 10, 2022, IBM introduced the requirement to use License Metric Tool to report license usage for IBM products eligible for subcapacity licensing and licensed with the VPC metric. Prior to the reporting policy change, Clients were allowed to do manual reporting.


Policy Change
Effective May 10, 2022, IBM requires all Virtual Processor Core (VPC) software licenses that use subcapacity licensing to deploy License Metric Tool or any other tool approved by IBM. Manual capacity counting is no longer permitted. Container Licensing terms are not included in this policy change.
Details of the change are available and documented on the main IBM subcapacity licensing page.
Required Customer Action
For subcapacity usage of software that uses the Virtual Processor Core (VPC) metric, the Client agrees to:
  1. Install and configure the most current version of License Metric Tool or any other tool approved by IBM within 90 days of publication of this letter (and no later than January 1, 2023) or Client's first deployment of a VPC Product that uses the subcapacity license,
  2. Promptly install any updates to License Metric Tool that are made available, and
  3. Collect deployment data for each such Eligible Product.
License Metric Tool (or any other IBM-approved tool) must be installed for all subcapacity products. For VPC instances, all other subcapacity reporting requirements as outlined in the IBM International Passport Advantage Agreement (IPPA) Section 1.14 (such as quarterly reporting) are highly recommended, but not yet mandatory. However, it is subject to change with future version releases of the IPPA. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in charging under full capacity for the total number of physical processor cores activated and available for use on the server.

If you have questions about what this policy change means for your software deployments, contact your IBM representative.

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04 August 2022