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Streamline Your Approach to Cyber Resiliency Success with a Unified Solution with Cobalt Iron



Leaders today are faced with significant challenges navigating operational complexity and security risks in backup infrastructure and management. Cobalt Iron Compass leverages IBM technology while layering on more technologies and patented techniques to deliver a streamlined operations experience for backup and storage to customers with unmatched security capabilities.

Plan to listen to this webinar session with the Advanced Technology Group and Cobalt Iron to learn all about this additional solution for managing and protecting your critical data. Exciting topics for discussion are:

- How Compass builds on the strengths of the IBM technology stack
- How Compass, a unified SaaS solution, delivers cyber resiliency without needing extra services
- Unique cyber protection value and capabilities Compass provide
- Specific technical features that help Compass customers achieve their cyber-resiliency goals


Date:  Thursday, August 4, 2022

Speakers: Greg Tevis, Vice President, Strategy and Chris Snell, Senior Solution Architect – Cobalt Iron


For the Q&A Log, please click here.


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