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The MTI_INFO table function returns information about active SQL Query Engine (SQE) Maintained Temporary Indexes (MTIs).


Database Engineers (DBE) need tools and insights to help guide them in making the best decisions in the data center.
In the well-established tradition of Db2 for i services for the DBE, the MTI_INFO() user-defined table function has been added.
MTI_INFO accepts two parameters:
  1. TABLE_SCHEMA - The name of the schema containing the table. Either the SQL schema name, library name, or *ALL is accepted.
  2. TABLE_NAME - The name of the table. Either the SQL table name, file name, or *ALL is accepted.
Based upon the input parameters, rows are returned for all MTIs that exist over the table(s).
The columns contain detail that will help the DBE understand the existence, importance, and size of the MTIs.
This new insight will help DBEs decide when to adjust permanent index strategies.
For complete detail, visit this IBM Documentation page: MTI_INFO

Enhanced with IBM i 7.5 SF99950 Level 3:
  • MTI_INFO returns lists of QRO hashes and plan identifiers that have used the MTI

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11 October 2022