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Taking the Next Step for End-to-End Cyber Resiliency: Building a Secure Data Path with IBM b-type SAN



In this session, we introduce new IBM b-type Gen 7 SAN products and capabilities, and then explore how Data Path Resilience is critical for an end to end cyber-resilient solution. You learn how the IBM b-type Storage Networking products and architectures provide security capabilities that are not common on other network options. The network matters when protecting access to your data, and IBM b-type Gen 7 solutions include comprehensive security features that range from deep within the hardware and the Fabric OS through to the integration within the larger CyberVault blueprint including IBM’s QRadar.

As a bonus – an IBM QRadar expert will join to discuss how this QRadar /b-type integration supports the National Institute Security & Technology (NIST) 5 Layer Model for a full cyber-resilient strategy.


Date:  Thursday, 16 June 2022

Speakers: Tim Jeka, Broadcom Field Application Engineer; Brian Larsen, Broadcom Partner Business Development; and Shashank Shingornikar, IBM Storage Solutions Architect



For a more in-depth video demonstration, please click here.


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