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SQE - Improved CPU costing



Following in the tradition of continued investment in the SQL Query Engine (SQE), IBM i 7.5 includes enhanced CPU costing within SQE.


As a cost-based optimizer, SQE looks at many aspects to make the best decision (plan) when optimizing a query.
Costs for a given plan represent the estimated time required by:
  • Any I/O operations
  • The CPU for computing and processing the result set
The plan with the lowest overall estimated execution time is used for the query.
With IBM i 7.5, SQE has improved CPU costing:
  • Adaptations in counting heuristics to align with advancements in Power processing technology
  • Creation of an automated modeling process
Simply by moving to IBM i 7.5, production workloads will benefit from advancements in SQE optimization.

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Modified date:
03 May 2022