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DS8K Safeguarded Copy with CSM and GDPS LCP Demo



Protecting your data has become more important in a changing global landscape with threats of cyberattacks, whether it’s ransomware, malware, or military grade attacks designed to destroy all data. With Cyber Resiliency, you have the ability to create and maintain immutable copies of your data, which has become more important as the attacks become more sophisticated and destructive. Join this session to learn about the DS8000 Safeguarded Copy feature and stay for the demonstrations showing you how to implement, manage, and recover using both IBM Copy Services Manager and GDPS LCP.


Date:  Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Speakers: Brian Sherman, Distinguished Engineer – Storage, Craig Gordon, Storage Technical Specialist – DS8000 SME and Axel Ligney, GDPS IBM Technology Sales

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