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FTP client can allow users to accept an untrusted server certificate



The FTP client can now selectively allow a user to accept(trust) a server certificate that is not signed by a trusted certificate authority in the certificate store when negotiating secure connections with the remote server.


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When the remote server certificate is not trusted by IBM i TCP/IP FTP Client application (QIBM_QTMF_FTP_CLIENT) configuration in DCM, the FTP client prompts to ask if the user would like to temporarily accept the certificate to continue establishing the secure connection.
This function is disabled for all FTP users by default.  The System administrator can grant permissions to FTP users in:
- The Work with Function Usage (WRKFCNUSG) CL command
    IBM Navigator for i
  • Select Function Usage under the Security menu
  • Find QIBM_QTMF_CLIENT_ACCEPT_CERT, then right click and select Change. 

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03 May 2022