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IBM FlashSystems Cyber Vault Demo with QRadar



With the introduction with IBM Safeguarded Copy, the IBM FlashSystem storage systems added a solution for rapid ransomware recovery to its cyber-resiliency toolkit. However, sometimes simply protecting the data is not enough.

IBM FlashSystem Cyber Vault is a blueprint that leverages IBM hardware and software to create a more resilient data protection solution. It uses IBM Safeguarded Copy with other IBM software products to automate various aspects of cybersecurity and data recovery. This demonstration showcases how QRadar can detect malicious access patterns and triggers Safeguarded Copy when an intrusion is detected. In addition, this session reviews the key components to the solution and its integration within the infrastructure.


Date:  17 May 2022

Speakers: Shu Mookerjee, ATG Senior Storage Technical Specialist - FlashSystems, Spectrum Virtualize & Cyber Vault and Gilbert Nevarez, ATG Senior Storage Specialist - Spectrum Scale, Elastic Storage Systems & Cyber Vault


Enhanced Cyber Resilience Threat Detection with IBM FlashSystem Safeguarded Copy and IBM QRadar blueprint
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