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QRadar : Unable to see events associated with an offense

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Why am I not able to see events associated with an offense, especially when the number of associated events is high?
Consider an offense like the one displayed here (notice the high number of associated events):
When you click on the events hyperlink under Event/Flow count, an empty list is displayed:


An offense with high number of associated events is usually indicative of a rule that needs tuning. A high event count on an offense is not helpful for analysis. It also causes the magistrate to get heavily loaded and will manifest symptoms like these:
  • Inability to display events associated with an offense
  • No results when offenses are searched
  • SAR Sentinel notifications
  • Sluggish GUI when the Offense tab is clicked

The solution is to tune rules such that only meaningful events get associated with the offenses.

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19 April 2022