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Cyber Resiliency: What is it, how do you score your current readiness and identify most critical enhancements?



Many organizations are deeply interested in enhancing their ability to recover from a Cyber-attack or prevent a data breach. One of the biggest challenges is identifying the most critical enhancements that need to be done to protect against the myriad type of attacks.

IBM offers the Cyber Resiliency Assessment Tool as a template to help perform an evaluation of an organization’s readiness. IBM or a Business Partner will conduct interviews with critical stakeholders in your organization and use the tool to generate a snapshot of your readiness and which areas need the most immediate attention.

Please join us as we discuss key Cyber Resiliency concepts, the Cyber Resiliency Assessment Tool and give clear examples of the results the tool can generate. There is no commitment on your part to participate in this evaluation, and the topics being discussed are not specific to IBM solutions but focus on important concepts and techniques.


Date:  Thursday April 21st, 2022

Speakers: Dan Thompson, Senior Storage Technical Specialist and Brian Sherman, Distinguished Engineer - Storage

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