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Must Gather for Cognos Analytics Installation Cases



What files or information can be gathered for submission to Cognos Analytics Technical Support?

Resolving The Problem

Provide as much of the following information as possible in your ticket with Cognos Analytics Technical Support
Required Environment Details:
• What operating system is the installation being performed on?
• Are you working on a single server, distributed, unattended, or easy installation?
• Confirm the version of the product or upload the cmplst.txt file.
• Are you logged on as Administrator to perform the installation?
• How much free space is available on the server?
• How much memory is available on the server?
Detailed Problem Description:
• What is the exact problem you are experiencing, include as much detail as possible. Include steps that are being taken along with your own analysis of the problem.
• Are you receiving an error? If so, list the exact text of the error message and when you receive it. Screen prints are also helpful.
• Are all required operating system patches installed based on support environments page requirements?
• Is there a JAVA_HOME environment variable set? If yes, where is it pointing too and what is the version of Java?
 Optional details:
• Provide UNIX or LINUX ulimits
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10 March 2022