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QRadar: How to download and install the MySQL driver for a JDBC log source

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This technote includes more detailed information on how to obtain, download, and install the MySQL driver, which is needed when you create a log source with JDBC protocol and for a MySQL type database.


This article complements the Product Documentation here: QRadar: JDBC protocol configuration options
QRadar does not include the MySQL driver for JDBC by default. If you are using a DSM or protocol that requires the MySQL JDBC driver, it must be downloaded and installed separately. You can download it from the MySQL site:


  1. Download the driver from:
  2. Select:
    • "Product Version": 5.1.48
    • "Operating System" as Platform independent.
  3. Click Download for Platform Independent (Architecture Independent), ZIP Archive (
  4. Extract both JAR files from the .zip file. Do not use the one with "-bin" in the name.
  5. Copy the mysql-connector-java-5.1.48.jar file to the paths mentioned in the DSM Configuration Guide on the collectors that are used to connect to the DB server:
  6. Remove any older versions present, for example mysql-connector-java-5.1.30.jar, and any files with "-bin" in the name, like "mysql-connector-java-5.1.30-bin.jar".
  7. Restart ecs-ec-ingress on each collector you put the JAR file.
    systemctl restart ecs-ec-ingress
  8. Confirm that the JAR file has correct permissions and ownership:
    ll /opt/qradar/jars/mysql-connector-java-*.jar
    rw-r--r– nobody:nobody
  9. If required, permissions and ownership can be changed with:
    chmod 644 /opt/qradar/jars/mysql-connector-java-*.jar
    chown nobody:nobody /opt/qradar/jars/mysql-connector-java-*.jar

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10 November 2022